Client Testimonials

Ron Lichty making a point to a client group.

“With Ron’s help, we got a new team fully aligned, up to speed, and highly productive in a matter of a couple weeks.” —m-Via

“Thank you for so quickly diving in and giving us a ton of actionable feedback!” —Oration

“He quickly assessed the business/strategic/management issues. He provided us with excellent actionable guidance to rectify many of them.” —m-Via

“I'm thrilled. We're working in a way I had hoped for all along.” —Mingle Analytics

“THANK YOU SO MUCH! You stepped in at a very tumultuous time and helped us get to a very different place.” —Oration

“You brought calm to the chaos.” —LesConcierges

“Genuinely our time working together was an awesome highlight in my career thus far. You can bet that we’ll invite you back in for a review of the train you put on the track.” —LesConcierges

“Ron helped us become a better company offering a better product.” —Logic Library

Ron Lichty helping a client work through challenges.

“You gave us confidence at a tough time.” —LesConcierges

“Ron is an effective engineering program manager who quickly aligned several groups within the company to reach the first key milestone of a strategic product. He was able to work in a multi-disciplined and complex environment to deliver results.” —Phoenix Technologies

“I would never have thought estimation could be fun.” —Oration

“You’ve definitely made the positive impact here that I was looking for.” —Mingle Analytics

“Ron led development of the technology behind our groundbreaking offering for almost two and a half years (and two years longer than any of us anticipated when we engaged him as our acting CTO). He drove the implementation of the solution for our first customer. Ron collaborated with the rest of executive management to develop a strategic roadmap: next generation customer-facing mobile and web solutions tied to a rock-solid enterprise back-office platform directly interconnected into big-league banks' transaction and data systems. He was instrumental in formulating a product team and product council, collaborating on the business plan, establishing effective offshoring, crafting a product plan, and bringing the company into and through a six-month pilot that tested and proved every aspect of the technology behind our offering.” —Canadian startup

“Your help was brilliant.” —LesConcierges

Earlier Managerial Testimonials

“Passionate about technology and people, a great mentor and always bringing out the best in people. I would jump at the opportunity to work with him again.” —Schwab

“Ron has a knack for putting everyone around him at ease while asking relevant questions and quickly getting to the bottom line - a great technique to get the best out of others.” —HighWire Press / Stanford

“Ron mentored me when I first started to manage software developers; he knew how to leverage my strengths while helping me to address my growth areas. I always came away from performance reviews with Ron feeling encouraged, with a feeling of pride, but also with a clearer understanding of how to improve - and remarkably motivated to want to.” —Berkeley Systems

“One of the highlights of my tenure as a VP of software development at Schwab was having the opportunity to partner with Ron in championing reuse and software development best practices.” —Schwab

“I've never known a more talented, user-focused, employee-friendly leader.” —Apple

“He was very highly valued by his peers and senior management at Schwab and recognized as one of those few brilliant leaders. Additionally he was highly respected by the engineering community and attracted the best people to his team.” —Schwab

“Ron is amongst that rare breed of technology leaders that has true vision, can successfully lead change and inspires teams to do their best work.” —Schwab

“Ron's organizational skills and knowledge of Scrum methodology helped us to hone the roadmap to the most critical items for our customers and for market success.” —CheckPoint

“I have always been amazed at how confidently Ron relays a technical story to executives. When he talks, they listen. He listens well too. Ron has the skills to make, build and continue excellent relationships with senior IT executives.” —Schwab

“Ron was instrumental to shipping the product. He managed a great turn-around in engineering, and shipped quality features on time from a project that had been years late.” —Fujitsu

“Ron is a solid executive with a wonderful balance of experience in companies both small and large and technologies both old and new. He is a pragmatic thinker who is well-connected and well thought of by his peers.” —Fujitsu

“Ron was an engineering manager who was very good at distinguishing truth from untruth in technology projects because he listened well, had a deep understanding of the technology and used the facts to act and execute on projects. I benefited several times while working at Schwab by just having short conversations with Ron where he was able to give me guidance on how to solve technical problems that arose during development projects.” —Schwab

“You were one of the reasons I came to HighWire.” —HighWire Press / Stanford

“As a senior executive, he is a valuable asset; as a technologist and visionary, he created a top-rate development shop at a leading financial brokerage. He communicates a clear mission and is a pleasure to work with.” —Schwab

“Ron was, quite simply, the best boss I have ever had. Clearly, I produced more under him than both before or after his stint at mFactory. He fills a role which is often missing in modern companies, that of a mentor. He taught me how to manage both my team and my time well.” —mFactory

“Ron is one of those rare individuals who is deeply committed to excellence in all he does. He has the ability to inspire others to perform at that level of excellence.” —Schwab

“Ron created processes and structure that included rigor around releases, QA cycles and other processes critical to shipping a reliable product.” —Fujitsu

“At Schwab, Ron led some of the most visionary initiatives in the company, from the first ever Java-based trading desktop, to software reuse initiatives, to building out developer communities and fostering new technology adoption.” —Schwab

“Ron is a tremendously talented engineering manager - great at meeting schedules, delivering quality products and bringing innovative new products to market. And Ron was a pleasure to work with.” —Apple

“Ron was one of the best managers I've worked for as well as one of the best I've ever met. He is an experienced and natural leader. He helped the company by helping his people grow. He understands the software development process and addressed the critical issues that existed when he arrived.” —Check Point

“What originally started as a couple of projects using Java technology turned into a full scale update of skills and training for almost every engineer in the company. All of this was due to Ron's advocacy, the training programs he put in place, and the results of the technology projects he managed in his position.” —Schwab

“I'm delighted that you published a book about engineering management, since I've long felt that you were the best manager I've ever had.” —Fujitsu